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KP Golf Cart Safety Committee Terminated!

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Federation of Kings Point Associations, Inc.
Golf Cart Safety Committee
COMMITTEE AUTHORITY: Federation BY LAWS Article XVI, Section 1 & 2--" ... All committies authority shall be limited to making recommendations to the Directors, or Officer as the case may be, for the purpose of assisting the Directors or Officer in making determination on their agenda items. The Board of Directors and/or the Federation Officers appointing committees shall provide in writing to each committee their specific assignment and the committee shall limit their work to the specific assignment with which they have been assigned. This is not to be interpreted that the committee may not research unrelated matters for the purpose of reaching a sound judgement on their recommendations; however, the committee's report shall only respond to their specific assignment."
1. Promote the safe operation of Kings Point Residents' golf carts on all roads and paths in Kings Point and Greater Sun Cith Center.
2. Cooperate with others in preparing and distributing appropriate literature relating to golf cart safety.
3. Participate with others in developing and administering an annual safety inspection and security program.
4. Develop information for distribution to Kings Point residents regarding legal requirements and jnsurance recommendations for golf carts.
5. Establish scheduled committee meetings, as needed, and/or call special meetings as deemed necessary to address specific problems or provide ongoing review.
6. Advise the Federation Board of any other "Specific Assignment" which the committee may feel would enhance their service to Kings Point.
Rev. 10/30/2007  




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Federation Golf Cart Safety Committee Terminated!
Gene McElroy, Chairman
Edwin R. Annable
Mary Dial
Jim Forgione
Walter Gartner
Boyd W. Ghering
Ron Zelins
Bill Redding Safety & Security Chief (Advisor)


Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers of this Committee!
Dedicated people help in preserving the dignity, safety & welfare of our residents.
Please, if this committee is reappointed, re- join our Committee!