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Golf Cart Complaints

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COMPLAINTS: From  Residents.





1. We have noticed an increased use of golf carts in King's Point after dark. Would you please address this again, with the residents? Isn't it illegal or against the rules? One thing, for sure is that it certainly isn't very safe. Many of these carts are old and do not have reflectors or adequate lighting on them. An accident waiting to happen!!!!
2. Good website! Now if you can just get the golf carts drivers to not allow young grandchildren to steer the carts...
3. Nowhere in this site did I see the most common problem addressed. As anyone who walks a lot in this community knows, the gravest danger is crossing at stop signs because golf cart drivers invariably look only to the left. A pedestrian crossing from the right takes his/her life in his/her hand.
4. Another misconception is that, because golf carts go so slowly, they don't have to worry about speed limits. On several occasions I've seen carts going 25 past the Clubhouse where the limit is 15 mph.
5. The golf cart manual says not to drive on the sidewalk, but doesn't address the fact that there are places where it's difficult to tell the difference between a cart path and sidewalk. NOTE* All golf cart path's are posted: "Golf Carts only"
6. There are also places (like in front of Hungry Howie's) that are both golf cart path and sidewalk. Note* In front of Hungry Howie's is a posted: "Golf Carts only" sign. The sidewalk is located across the street, and leads to the "Old Wal-Mart Area"...
7. The biggest problem with golf carts is that there is no licensing. Every cart in KP should be required to display a large readable ID Decal so the people could report violaters to Security. Those with multiple complaints could be contacted and warned that they could lose their priveleges. Too many people who are no longer able to drive cars think, mistakenly, that they are still able to drive golf carts. Note* No comment at this time.
8. When are you going to do something about the golf carts running stop signs. We haven't seen the first one to actually stop, sometimes they slow down, but not very often. Do something before someone gets killed or seriously hurt.
9. When is the Golf Cart Committee going to see when the golf cart entrance path to the Marketplace (Sweatbay) shopping center is repaired or resurfaced? It is in bad shape! 
10. Golf Cart Operators should have a valid drivers license!
11. Why don't Golf Cart Drivers keep their darn feet inside the Golf Cart?
12. Golf Cart Drivers should drive with more caution than they do on wet and muddy surfaces; One nearly hit me.
13. What can be done about the Golf Carts speeding in Kings Point, especially on Kings Blvd.! Also they are wrecklessly passing each other, and have no regard for the approaching traffic! Take this to the Federation Board!
14. Kings Point Golf Cart Drivers should be issued a Kings Point Golf Cart Numbered Decal; where the Security Gate will know if they are Kings Point Residents! If they are not, they should have to go through the Visiters Entrance!
15. A concerned K.P. resident,
I would like to know if there are any plans to fix the bumps on the Upper Creek golf cart path! Many people have back problems and there are some very bad bumps, due to the uneven path. I have seen many people drive into the street to avoid the bumps and this is a very bad practice! This can cause unnecessary repairs to golf carts,too! We appreciate the paths. Could there be a way to fix bumps on the path, if so, who do we contact? Thank you very much!


If you have a complaint against a Golf Cart Driver, E-Mail Gene and register your complaint and I will list it with the above complaints!